Global Glass Ceilings Database

The Global Glass Ceilings Database: Measuring Women's Access to Decision-making in Public Administration Worldwide

We know surprisingly little about the extent to which women confront glass ceilings in public administrations around the world. The chief obstacle to social science research in this area is a lack of systematic cross-national data. Our long-term goal is to create the Global Glass Ceilings (GGC) Database – a publicly available and centralized source for information on gender equality in decision-making positions in public administration worldwide. With funds from Pitt’s Integrative Social Science Research Initiative, Professor of Sociology Melanie M. Hughes and Assistant Professor of International Development Müge Finkel are taking their first steps towards the development of a database through a pilot study, combining cross-national statistical analysis and in-depth studies of South Africa, Denmark, and Colombia. 

This project draws from the expertise of an interdisciplinary and international advisory board. Board members include academic experts on public administration, leadership, gender, and comparative research, along with public servants. 

Global Glass Ceilings Advisory Board

University of Pittsburgh

Guy Peters (Dietrich School—Political Science) is the Maurice Falk Professor of American Government with extensive expertise in comparative public administration. 
Kevin Kearns (GSPIA) is the Director of the Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership, which promotes ethical leadership in public institutions. 
Wendy E. Braund (Public Health) is Associate Dean for Public Health Practice and was formerly employed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
Maureen Porter (School of Education) is a feminist anthropologist of education who studies science and technology and educational leadership. 
Elena Baylis (Law School) is an expert in post-conflict justice whose scholarship focuses on interactions between international, national, and sub-national institutions and communities. 
Jennifer Brick Murtazashvili (GSPIA) has managed U.S. government democracy assistance for USAID in Uzbekistan and consulted for UNDP in Kabul.

External Members

Isabelle Schmidt (South Africa) is the Chief Director of Social Statistics at Statistics South Africa, whose primary responsibility is to oversee the production of social statistics.
Andrea Piñeros-López (Colombia), a trained economist, is the Coordinator of the Information System at the Public Administration Office of Civil Service in Bogotá. 
Dr. Caroline Louise Howard Grøn (Denmark), Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Copenhagen, has surveyed managers in the Danish public sector.   
Mariana Chudnovsky (Mexico) is a professor at the Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (CIDE) in Mexico City, has collected data on Argentina’s public administration, and is beginning a new project on Mexico.