Case Studies and Policy Briefs

UNDP Policy Brief: Women in Environmental and Climate Change Ministries

Building on the data in the global report on Gender Equality in Public Administration (GEPA), GIRL Co-Directors Müge Finkel and Melanie Hughes and the GEPA Working Group collaborated with UNDP to produce the policy brief, "Where are the Women in Environmental and Climate Change Ministries." 

This policy brief looks at women's participation in and leadership of environmental protection ministries as well as all ministries tasked officially with each country's response to climate change. While progress in women's participation in public administration across many other sectors has improved, there are still significant gaps – with the largest ones affecting environment and climate spheres.

  • Download the policy brief here.
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GEPA Working Group Poster Presentations

In addition to our presentations at United Nations Headquarters in New York, NY, our research team has also produced poster sessions for conferences and workshops at the University of Pittsburgh.

Workshop: "Gender Equality in Public Institutions: Monitoring Global Progress," November 2017

Graduate student teams constructed posters showcasing their research on gender inequality in public administration in 7 conflict-affected countries: 

  • Colombia (Elisabeth Benfield)
  • Gambia (Kate Sives and Tahirih Annis-Christy)
  • Liberia (Alexis McMaster)
  • Myanmar (Priyanka Srinivasa, Tiffany Tse, and Rachel Vinciguerra)
  • Palestine (BeLinda Berry, Leah De Hoet, and Mina Hogsett)
  • Rwanda (Francesca Baisden)
  • Vietnam (Dao Nguyen and Ziyi Yang)

Mini-Conference: "Opportunities & Challenges for the, 2030 UN Development Agenda," December 2019

  • Colombia, "Conflict, Peace, and Gender Equality in Public Administration" (Elizabeth Hernandez, Juliana Bernardino and Rhea Henry)
  • Denmark, "A Gender Progressive Public Administration" (Kathryn Pataki and Ihrar Muhammadi)
  • Japan, "A Laggard in Gender Equality in Public Administration among OECD Countries" (Kanoko Kamata, I Younan An, and Ziru Gao)
  • South Africa, "Women in Public Administration: Significant Improvement, But Still Not Equal" (Sam Sinn and Xinyuan Zheng)