Gen-PaCS Data

Gender Parity in the Civil Service (Gen-PaCS) Dataset

We are currently assembling a global dataset of publicly-available data on gender equality in public administration. As of July 2020, our database features public administration data from 167 countries between the years 1951 and 2020, totaling 1,875 country-year observations. The map presented below reflects the density of data across different countries. The darkest shaded countries have 35+ years of data, and the grey countries have no data.

Types of Gen-PaCS Data

These observations consist of 1,347 country-years of total public administration data and 1,019 country-years of decision-making data. Beyond these basic public administration employment figures, the database contains several other measures about the scope of public administration positions. The dataset includes 831 country-year observations of ministry level data, 335 country-years of subnational data, 166 country-years of employment type data, and 156 country-years of data about the wage gap in public administration.

We hope to release our data to the public in 2022.